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Magi-Nation Wiki (MNW) is a wiki which covers the Magi-Nation Duel trading card game, Magi-Nation video games, and Magi-Nation television show.


The MNW was created on April 19, 2008, by User:Lhikan634 to fill the gap of no wiki covering the Magi-Nation television series. Initially, there were few editors apart from Lhikan634. Due to the unavailability of episodes during the time, most pages then covered Dream Creatures appearing in the television series and in the Magi-Nation TCG.

Within a couple of years, User:Vellup began editing the wiki and became one of the dominant editors as well as the second administrator. During this time, the trading card and video game sections of the wiki were expanded. However, due to fewer editors being familiar with the television series, this section of the wiki experienced less growth.

Currently, the MNW is attempting to re-organize some of its information so that all three arenas are represented equally well and in a logical manner for users who may be familiar with only one of Magi-Nation's media.